Wed, 21 Aug

Why Japanese people use umbrellas so often?

This question came up at lunch today and I didn’t have a clear anwser. That what I surprised when I was in UK because most people don’t use umbrellas not so often.

There is an article about this question in the NTT DATA Blog. The article compared Cologne and Tokyo, and it mentioned three points.

  • In Germany (Cologne) the amount of rainfall is less than in Japan (Tokyo).
  • Japanese don’t like to get their clothes (including even hoods) wet – which makes umbrellas very practical to them.
  • In Europe, umbrellas were originally very expensive symbols of wealth and power. But in Japan, they have been widely used since around 14th or 15th century.

Well, I will mention the third one next time because it means we were advanced. Woo hoo!


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