Sat, 28 Sep

Hack - Facebook’s type-annotated PHP dialect

At CUFP and Strange Loop, Facebook unveiled their type-annotated PHP dialect – Hack. I haven’t see the video because I’m not a Strange Loop atendee and CUFP’s video section doesn’t have 2013’s talks.

However even with thier slides and Liveblogging CUFP 2013, I can say their approach is interesting. Like AltJS languages, Hack’s type system is designed for developer’s productivity. Hack’s implementation is just a standalone type checker for PHP, and it doesn’t relate with thier famous HipHip Virtual Machine.

Several days ago, I saw slides about Livedoor Blog’s PSGI/Starlet migration and started thinking about “the depreciation of the project’s first language”. Should I invest more on the language? I initally wanted to write Twitter as a “the 21st century’s example”. Now we have JVM and Thrift. Why don’t you use your favorite instead of the language someone chose before you join?

However Hack blowed my mind a little. Anyway, as usual, I wrote about Twitter’s JVM migration and Facebook’s love against PHP in Japanese. So what do you think?