Tue, 10 Dec
Planet Tempura

I started Planet Tempura last week. This is a blog aggregation site (a planet) for Japanese who blog about software develoment in English.

Why? I’m just scratching my own itch. Compared to blogging in Japanese, blogging in English is hard to continue because it’s hard to write and usually there is no reaction from readers. If you really want a reaction, what you have to do is translation (like I did before).

I don’t say it’s bad. I just want to try something else.

So instead of enforcing my friends to click Like, I’d like to have a support group, something like Tokyo Imperial Place (Kokyo) for runners or Starbucks for people who study at the cafe. If someone blog in English just next to me, it might motivate me.

Too selfish? Well, but it will work for you also.