A few are written in 日本語.

Wed, 24 Jul

Rails Tutorial (again)

I had finished a chapter 1 of Rails Tutorial in April. But after that, I didn’t continue the tutorial. So I restarted the tutorial for learning about Rails.

As an experienced type-unsafe language developer, I have to try more type-safe language like Scala or Go. However I’d like to have my mature choice for web development first.

Mon, 29 Jul

The character of Apple empire

I’ve read 『アップル帝国の正体』 (“The character of Apple empire”) today. It’s an interesting book which describes “how Apple manages manufactures, retails, carriers in Japan”.

Ruby Sparks and Ted

I watched “Ruby Sparks” and “Ted” in Thursday. Both movies have a nerdly main character but they are different kind of nerds. In “Ruby Sparks”, Calvin is a young introverted novelist and his nerdness seems clean and romantic. In “Ted”, John is much more hopeless, but he is a fun guy and he isn’t introverted. Anyway both are good movies.

Hide in The Office

Japanese heart surgeon

Miscellaneous things

I wrote it in Japanese.

Fri, 02 Aug

Google is watching me but I’m watching Google also

I wrote three articles about Google’s large repos and groupcache (#1, #2) in Japanese.

Perl - The Detroit of Scripting Languages

I saw Stevan Little’s new slide - Perl - The Detroit of Scripting Languages. In this slide, he mentioned my ex-colleague’s Perl implementation. Yeah, he is implementing Perl. How insane…

Anyway I really like Stevan’s talk about Perl. Some of Perl programmers make me frustrated because they usually ignored other languages, and then found new things which someone imported from other languages to Perl. “Hey, we discovered that we can separete web applications from web servers!” - yeah, I knew it because Java did it in 1997.

Mon, 12 Aug

Thinking, Fast and Slow

I’m reading Daniel Kehneman’s “Thinking, Fast and Slow” in Japanese. The Japanese version is split into two volumes and the title is just “Fast and Slow”.

This book is about behavioral economics and Daniel Kehneman is the pioneer of the field. But the book is written for general readers. If you don’t know anything about the field (like me), I’m sure that the book will be interesting and surprising.